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Boxes. That word alone can make many cringe at the thought. Whether you are moving to a new house, apartment, or shipping a product, nobody likes the idea of having to deal with those pesky cardboard boxes. First of all, they are hard to come by. Do you find yourself going to the dark alley behind your local grocery store, hunting for boxes? Are you calling your friends to see if they have any boxes? Oh, sweet! They do! Oh wait, they aren’t suitable for moving. Now what? Where are you supposed to get boxes? You can try to use the free boxes that the United States Postal Service offers, but doing so would be illegal. Luckily for you, you are in luck. Enter The BZ Box.

The BZ Box is a unique space saving solution to solve your pesky box problem, a product that, “thinks outside the box.” (pun intended) With traditional cardboard boxes, folding them down is an absolute pain.

First, you have to untape the box, making sure you do not damage the cardboard. Once untaped, you have to figure out how to fold down the damned thing so that it will hold it’s integrity. Then you have to have enough space to store the massive amounts of boxes that you will need. Not with The BZ Box. The BZ Box easily folds up when not in use, saving time, space, and most importantly, heartache.

Using the patented one piece origami design, The B-Z Box, similar to that of the Oru Kayak, also featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, folds down into a compact box ready to be used in the future.

With this unique and awesome process, the need for masking tape is completely eliminated. No more buying endless rolls of tape, no more cardboard cuts on your hand, and no more embarrassing trips to the grocery store to hunt suitable boxes down for use.

Kaeya-MajmundarKaeya Majmundar is the innovative entrepreneur who came up with the idea of The BZ Box. In comparison to a traditional cardboard box, there really is no competition, The BZ Box stands in a league of it’s own.

Below, is the actual “Elevator’s Pitch,” that Kaeya used to present and win the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Elevator Pitch competition as well as earning her a spot to be featured on the hit series Shark Tank.

At the young age of 21, Kaeya Majmundar is not an entrepreneur to be taken lightly. With her unique skill set and outstanding ability to sell a product, she stands a great chance on receiving an investment from one of the Sharks on the Season 5 Finale of Shark Tank, airing on May 16th at 9pm.

Before BZ Box and before her Shark Tank journey, Kaeya and her invention, BZ Box, has won multiple other competitions such as the CEO People’s Choice Awards. Kaeya also won the Charlotte Venture Challenge Competition just last year!

Although Kaeya and The BZ Box lacked an official website for a while, stay cautious due to the numerous mirror websites that claim to be affiliated with The BZ Box. However, she has landed the domain, and her official site is located there, unfortunately for those wanting to purchase a BZ Box, they are faced with a, “Coming Soon,” message on the product page.

As with most entrepreneurs, Kaeya is faced with multiple challenges. The name BZ Box previously was a term used for a completly different product or service, what that exactly was is unknown to us at the moment. However, when a potential customer searches for, “bz box,” in Google’s seach box, they are not taken to Kaeya’s website, instead, they are faced with many dead websites pertaining to what “The BZ Box,” used to be. With her drive and determination, this poses a simple obstacle that should be no problem to overcome for Kaeya.

Tacking on to the lack of a website, this poses the question to us, “Has the BZ Box already landed a licensing deal to a major box company?” Is it UPS or FedEx? Maybe, maybe not. However, Kaeya did host a viewing party for Shark Tank at Ditka’s in Oakbrook Terrace. This leads us to wonder, what Kaeya has already accomplished with her invention.

On, there are categories listed for products that Kaeya has also been working on, such as Photo Rings, or Ringlee Rings, apparel, and HANDYKAP. Which we will not go into depth here.

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The BZ Box Kaeya Majmundar’s Original Elevator Pitch

ABC’s Shark Tank

As you are all well aware, Shark Tank is a hit television show on the ABC network. Each week, about 4 or 5 hopeful entrepreneurs are selected to be featured on the show. The main objective being, to get an investment from one of the, “Sharks.”

The ‘Sharks’ are all millionaire or billionaires that are entrepreneurs themselves. Each of the sharks have endured the treacherous journey to their level of success. The sharks mainly consist of: Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks; Barbara Corcoran, a real estate mogul; Daymond John, the founder of Fubu; Robert Herjavec, who sold his software business for millions; “Mr. Wonderful,” also known as Kevin O’Leary, who also is extremely successful; and Lori Greiner, the master of QVC. Each of these sharks are prepared to invest their fortune in any of the products that are fortunate enough to be featured on Shark Tank.

shark-tankGetting featured on Shark Tank is no easy task. Thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs apply to be featured on the show, with only a small number chosen. Most likely due to the massive audience that Shark Tank places these entrepreneurs in front of, they ‘sell’ a small portion of their company’s equity to ABC in order to be featured on the show.

After 5 hit seasons, the fifth season is nearing it’s end. The season finale of Shark Tank Season 5 airs on ABC on May 16th at 9pm. Among the companies are: Foot Fairy; a unique and innovative iPad application that enables parents to easily and accurately determine the size of their children’s shoes. Baker’s Edge; a unique baking pan that allows the baker to bake just about anything where everyone can enjoy the ‘edge’ of the brownie. The BZ Box; a unique and patent pending folding box that saves time, money, and space. And Tie Not; a new product that makes filling and tying water balloons both fun and easy.


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